Engagement Strategies: Motivating Your Employees – Good Communication

One non-financial manner of motivating your employees is to permanently keep them involved and informed. Please make sure that your employees get:
1.   An internal bulletin – monthly is the best, but you can select any time frame you find suitable; you can even send a survey to involve the employees in the decision concerning theme and timeline; an internal bulletin can include: manager’s message, new hired employees, promotions, HR and financial data, interviews with the team members, news and many more.

2.  Regular surveys consulting the employees on certain issues - presenting the results is very important – the employees feel involved if you do and they see it as a waste of their time if you don’t. Explaining the decision and basing it on the results is also important.

3.  Communication boards inside the company. These boards are also called “Visual management boards”. They must be placed in visible places and must include information of general interest.

4.   Periodic meetings between managers and teams – individual one on one meetings and group meetings – these meetings can be used to communicate feedback, ask for ideas, solutions, take decisions together. All are very important and advisable to implement.

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