Engagement Strategies: Motivating Your Employees - Proper Recruitment and Selection

Please don't consider this title as confusing - recruitment and selection can be considered a motivation factor.
How exactly you may say? Well...here's what you can do in terms of recruitment to motivate employees:

1. Selecting the best candidates according to job requirements - this creates a good image and confidence about the HR department - people have the courage to come to you later on for advice, this makes sure that the candidates selected fit the team and work well with their team members, this helps create a strong team; the team manager has the possibility to choose his/her team members making sure the team is fit to work together. All these characteristics of a team motivate the team members.

2. Discussing with the candidates the strengths, weaknesses and career path for the job they apply for - this helps the candidates select the proper job by knowing all the pluses and minuses. They know what they are getting into and they don't get false expectations.

3.Telling selected candidates about salary and complete benefits package so they are aware of the full offer before accepting - this helps candidates with not having "surprises" later on after accepting the job. "Surprises" can cause people to resign sooner than expected. This will create more work for you (maybe you will select someone without thorough testing just to fill the jobs - be careful about this vicious circle), a negative atmosphere in the team and a bad image of the company.

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