Engagement Strategies: Motivating Your Employees – Proper Training and Development

One good motivating factor for your employees is training. Make sure you do the following for EACH of your employees:
1.  At least a week Induction training in order to introduce the employee in the company; for managers, consider even more – up to a month; by Induction training I mean introduction to company history, company activity, company financial, HR or any other useful details, company mission, vision, values, team, HR policies and procedures, team policies and procedures, client specifications. Al these make sure the employee becomes part of the team.
2.  Assigning a mentor – selecting an older employee to guide the new one through a determined period of time.
3.  Assess employee skills when hired; prepare a training plan for short and long term to make sure skills are improved allowing the employee to perform better and even to get promoted. Offering trainings and development opportunities shows the employees you care. Some of these trainings may be internal – so with lower costs.
4.  Helping the employee pursue higher education. If company budgets allow it, paying for employees certifications and studies, even partially helps with the motivation.
5.  Talk to the employees and the managers about their training and development needs and try to fulfill them.

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