Useful Job Description for the Position of Recruitment & Selection Specialist

Here's a JD that I created for one the the employees in my team.
You can use it. It is created for a medium - size company, but can be adapted to small and large companies:

Key Responsibilities:

§  Coordinating the recruiting process;
§  Covering all new job openings as well as back fill requests according to specified deadlines;
§  Maintaining a good relationship with Universities and student organizations;
§  Promoting the Company via Internet ads, Job Fairs, other recruiting related activities;
§  Developing the list of recruiting channels;

Typical Activities

§  Working closely with the managers in order to receive and update job descriptions for all open positions;
§  Discussing and selecting the best recruiting channels for each open position;
§  Creating and placing ads on all selected recruiting channels;
§  Developing the current recruiting channels;
§  Promoting the company in students’ organizations, Universities and making the company more visible on the market;
§  Selection and screening of CVs/resumes;
§  Keeping the CVs database up to date;
§  Organizing and holding initial face to face interviews and testing sessions;
§  Coordinating the recruiting and selection processes;
§  Creating recruiting reports;
§  Providing training for all collaborators involved in the phone screens process;

Key Relationships
  • Internal clients – contract managers
  • External clients
  • Employees
Measures of Success
  • Successful implementation of HR initiatives;
  • All open positions and back fills covered within deadlines;
Person Specification
  • Graduate caliber with minimum 2 years experience in human resources (recruiting);
  • Ability to critically analyze status quo and propose creative solutions;
  • Maturity, high personal standards;
  • Strong analytical, organizational and project management skills;
  • Ability to influence both internally with colleagues and externally with clients;
  • Proactive and assertive;
  • Communication and presentation skills (especially in front of large groups);
  • Fluent in English;
A second language (French/Italian/Spanish/German) – great advantage

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