Best HR Junior Blog 2012 - Selection Criteria

Dear all,

Please find below the selection criteria for Best HR Junior Blog 2012. Criteria applies mostly to new blogs as this is what we are selecting here. We can't ask for hundreds of posts or for an amazing social media presence. Criteria below applies to a new blog being live for a few months only, but having great potential for the future.

The column Details and Total are filled in only as example for you to see how the total score is calculated.

So, please start sending nominations to georgianaflorina@gmail.com
Looking forward to receiving as many nominations as possible.

Take care,

Criteria Comments % Details Total
Total number of posts Shows commitment to the readers 15% 65 9.75
Google Page rank Shows level of SEO effort put into the website 10% 2 0.2
Total number of comments from readers Shows that they have managed to attract readers 15% 16 2.4
Blogger's HR relevant profile Number of years of actual HR experience that the author/s has in the field of HR (showing that they know what they talk about from real practice, not quoting from books); if blog has multiple contributors, an average of all years will be used; 20% 5 1
Number of posts with advice that can be actually applied practically Shows how useful the blog actually is to readers, we are seeking for practical advice, not personal opinions 25% 60 15
Number of months the blog has been live Shows consistency and commitment 5% 11 0.55
Consistency Shows number of active months (10 - no months missing from blog start date; 7 - maximum 3 months missing; 4 - maximum 6 months missing) 10% 10 1
100% 29.9

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