Best HR Junior Blog 2012

Hi everybody,

We are launching now the first edition of the "Best HR Junior Blog" Awards - Best HR Junior blog of 2012.

I got the idea while browsing through the web in search of lists with best HR blogs. I was disappointed to see that most of them include only old blogs with years of posts and tradition. No chance for a new ambitious blogger to be in there. It's a pity so we decided to start such a series to offer new HR bloggers the chance to shine.

So, here are the rules for 2012:
- you can nominate yourself if you think you deserve a spot or you can nominate a blog you follow for a while and like; nominations are received at: georgianaflorina@gmail.com (for Geo Mihalache);
- nominations are accepted until January 31st, 18.00 EEST (GMT +2);
- nominated blogs will be registered and shown here as they come;
- results will be shown here on February 18th 2012;
- we will select one "Best HR Junior Blog 2012" and add the next 9 positions to be displayed here as finalists;
- blogs can't be older than January 2012 and younger than July 2012 (meaning that all blogs started between January and July 2012 - included - can be nominated);
- blog must be HR related only - we don't accept blogs that write about everything (HR, IT, food, travel, etc.) - all posts must have some connection to HR;
- consistent blogs only are accepted - meaning that you must have at least one post each month (minimum 6 posts); however, the more, the better as it will give us a chance to see how good you are;
- original posts only are accepted - no copy - paste from other blogs;
- practical advice that people can actually use earns more points;
- location of blogger is not important as long as the blog is good and useful.

Criteria of selection:
- number of posts - the more, the better;
- practical usage of information in posts - ideas than can actually be put into practice from your posts earn you more points;
- number of valid comments - this means that people are interested in your posts;
- clean design - posts are easy to navigate, you have a clear menu and the user can easily find what he wants, you don't suffocate the user with commercial ads;
- willingness to actually help people - a blog that aims at people not at money.

I will come back during the following days with more details concerning the criteria - I will publish a clear list of criteria with percentages so that rating is transparent for everybody.

So, please start your nominations.

Kind Regards,

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