HR FAQ Carnival - Second Edition - January 25th, 2013

HR Carnival

Hi everybody,

Welcome to the second edition of the HR FAQ Carnival. Can you believe that January is almost over? I can't believe how fast time passes - it was only yesterday that we were wishing each other "A Happy New Year!".

This month's carnival focuses on three main topics: LEADERSHIP, CUSTOMERS and one of the most important jobs for mothers that need to go back to work...well, doesn't sound as important as the other two, but for a lot of people it is...NANNIES.

Let's start then with LEADERSHIP. Max Herrera proposes a very well documented post concerning the
"15Qualities of Successful Leaders". To be a good leader, you must be working hard, you must persevere, be flexible...and... of course you need to read the post to find out the other 12.

Then, Astrid van Dorst  sends us a post concerning CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and its connection with employee engagement in "2013 Customer Experience Predictions" . It's going to be a hot topic this year. Don't see the connection between the two? I didn't either at first, but, trust me, you need to read the post to get the idea, because the connection is subtle, but clear.

Last, but not least, all mothers will appreciate the following articles and will understand better the job of the ladies (and not only - men on the job are the new trend) that they trust and hire to take care of their children:
- from Brittany Martin: "How to Evaluate Your Nanny";
- from Denise Thompson: "10 Training Tips for Aspiring Babysitters";
- from Brittany Harris: "Revelations From Downton Abbey";

 Thanks everybody and see you in February.

Take care,

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  1. Thank you for including my post in the second edition of the HR FAQ Carnival! It's a pleasure to read your blog :-) Best,