Been Rejected a While Ago - Apply Again?

I have applied for a position to a specific company and have been rejected. Now the position is open again. Can I give it another try?

Well, it depends on how long it has been since you have received your previous feedback and if you feel you have significantly improved your skills.

If it has been just 2 weeks, a month or even more but you haven't done anything to improve the skills they weren't satisfied with, then, don't waste your and their time. They will probably don't even call you to start with or mark your CV as an annoying candidate and remember that.

If it has been a while long enough ( I can't tell you how long, just long enough for you to improve your skills) and you have actually tried seriously to improve your skills, then go ahead. Mention in your cover letter what you have improved and how eager you are to work for them. Good luck!